Spreading the word… on TV

By Nicolas Kalgora, Animator for New Brunswick

The documentary features interviews with (clockwise from top left) the Most Rev. Valéry Vienneau, Archbishop of Moncton; Moncton diocesan council members, Sr. Auréa Cormier, Dianne Léger, Bertrand LeBlanc and Camilla Vautour; and local animator, Nicolas Kalgora.

Since October 11, a documentary on Development and Peace — Caritas Canada is being broadcast across New Brunswick on Rogers TV. It is an initiative of some of our members in the Archdiocese of Moncton.

The idea of the documentary was born during the 2021 Share Love, Share Lent campaign. Time had been set aside at the end of the campaign training workshop, which involved the diocesan councils of Bathurst, Edmundston and Moncton, for participants to pitch fundraising ideas. The COVID-19 pandemic had made it uncertain that churches would be open on the fifth Sunday of Lent (Solidarity Sunday), when parishioners generally make their donations. Innovative alternative fundraising ideas were therefore needed. Thinking beyond parish-based activities, members came up with several proposals.

Along with the Most Rev. Daniel Jodoin, Bishop of Bathurst and the Most Rev. Claude Champagne, Bishop of Edmundston, the Most Rev. Valéry Vienneau, Archbishop of Moncton, was present at the workshop. He proposed contacting the media, offering to even become personally involved if necessary. Sr. Auréa Cormier, a Development and Peace member from Moncton, contacted a Rogers TV producer. And thus began the adventure!

With me lending support as regional animator, a committee was formed to carry out the project. It identified the topics to cover and the people to interview and got to work. With Lent having passed before production ended, it was decided to make a documentary that would outlive a single campaign and serve to introduce the uninitiated to the beautiful organization that is Development and Peace.

Here is what some of the participants had to say about the project:

“A great success for the diocesan council! The international dimension of the movement has been highlighted, which is excellent. We owe much gratitude to Joël Landry and Rogers TV, who offered us this beautiful presentation for free.”
— Sr. Auréa Cormier

“For me, it was very easy because everything was organized. Joël was very professional and attentive to details. I enjoyed the experience and really like the final product. I’ve received a few comments from people who also liked it very much and learnt a few things. Thank you for this beautiful project.”
— Dianne Léger

“This broadcast is very interesting and well done. It explains Development and Peace; our mission and educational work; the work of our partners in the Global South; and emergency relief. It’s interesting to hear from several volunteers involved in the organization who explain well what members can do in terms of commitment and action.”
— Ghislaine Clavet

“Everyone took on a responsibility and prepared as best they could. Our animator, Nicolas Kalgora, assumed charge of coordinating with Rogers TV producer, Joël Landry. It was a team effort. Congratulations; and thanks to our animator for his work.”
— Bertrand LeBlanc

Bravo to you, Development and Peace members in Moncton and New Brunswick!

Watch the documentary below (available in French only).

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