Publicly traded securities

Do you own securities whose value has appreciated?

Donating securities can be a strategic way of making a significant donation without tapping into your cash reserves and also getting tax receipt for your contributions.

Donating publicly traded securities as an individual

This is a beneficial strategy for mitigate the tax impact of investments like stocks, bonds, term deposits, or mutual funds that have appreciated since their acquisition.

When you donate these assets to Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada, we handle their sale on the market. This allows you complete exemption from federal and provincial capital gains taxes.

Donating publicly traded securities through an investment company

If you own an investment company that generates sufficient income to leverage tax benefits, it could be advantageous for your stock donation to come from your company. This would increase the balance of your Capital Dividend Account (CDA) by an amount equal to the capital gains of the assets donated, all tax-free.

In this way, you could donate at a lower cost while boosting your Capital Dividend Account (CDA) and paying tax-exempt dividends to your shareholders.

It’s a simple and effective process

  • Contact your financial planner or investment advisor to help determine which of your investments could yield the greatest financial and philanthropic impact and how you can fully leverage the tax advantages that apply to your situation.
  • Ask your advisor to transfer your securities to us using this form.
  • A tax receipt for the value of the securities will be issued to you once the transfer to our organization is effected.

Take your support of the mission of Development and Peace ― Caritas to the next level with a stock donation that lets you give more without affecting your liquidity and cash flow.

Thank you for your generosity!

Interested in this kind of donation?

Do not hesitate to contact :

Joan Gauthier
Philanthropic Development Director
T.: 514 257-8710, ext. 315
Toll-free: 1-888-234-8533, ext. 315

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