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Together, we are working to build a world of justice and peace.

There are many ways to act in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the Global South and participating in our awareness, action and fundraising campaigns is one of them!

Banner of the Share Lent campaign Reaping our rights

Reaping our rights

Share Lent 2024

Everywhere on Earth, and especially in the Global South, impoverished populations are facing growing challenges due to climate change, land grabbing, resource theft, soil contamination and armed conflict.

Whether in Bolivia, Indonesia or Nigeria, many people are mobilizing to improve their living conditions and assert their rights.

Discover the valiant work of our partners in these three countries through numerous resources available.

Stand for the Land

Fall 2023

In the countries of the Global South, many communities are mobilizing to defend their territories against the threats posed by certain industries wishing to exploit their resources, endangering their land, their water, their air, but also their culture and means of subsistence.

Learn how communities in Honduras are organizing in solidarity for the land and the people.

Photo of Juana Zuniga Stand for the land campaign | Photo de Juana Zuniga Campagne Solidaire pour la terre
Old campaign posters

Our past campaigns

Discover some of our previous campaigns.

Learn about issues that are still relevant today, such as ecological justice, forced migration, peace and reconciliation, business and human rights.

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