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Voices of solidarity

Our Podcast series "Voices of solidarity"

This podcast series is a celebration of unity, empathy, and the power of diverse voices coming together.

Through candid conversations, inspiring stories, and meaningful discussions, “Voices of Solidarity” aims to amplify the voices of those who strive for positive change in our communities and beyond.

Join us as we explore meaningful topics, share impactful narratives, and foster connections that inspire action and understanding.

The podcast series is available on SoundCloud and Spotify.

May 2024

Episode 3 | Haiti: solidarity in the midst of chaos

Image Episode 3 podcast Voices of solidarity

The latest episode of our Voices of Solidarity podcast, Haiti: solidarity in the midst of chaos, is a conversation with our Program officer for Haiti, Honduras and Peru, Mary Durran.

Mary explains the rationale for Developmental and Peace ― Caritas Canada’s decades-long engagement with Haiti. She also analyzes conditions in the country, where gang violence and political instability have displaced thousands of people, paralyzed the economy and exacerbated poverty and hunger.

Listen to the latest episode now!

April 2024

Episode 2 | Echoes from Gaza: Tragedy and hope in the midst of crisis

Image Episode 2 podcast Voices of solidarity

Six months after the deadly conflict in Gaza began in October 2023, our Executive Director Carl Hétu analyzes the situation in a candid conversation with Dean Dettloff, Research and Advocacy Officer.

Carl has extensive experience in the region, having visited it several times in the course of his work for various organizations. In this episode, he shares his in-depth knowledge of the longstanding conflict in the Holy Land.

Listen to the second episode now!

February 2024

Episode 1 | Reaping our Rights

Image Episode 1 podcast Voices of solidarity

Our colleagues Sarah Kabrit, Social Media Officer, and Luke Stocking, Director of Public engagement, present our new Share Lent campaign, Reaping our Rights.

They address the different challenges and aspirations of peasant and rural communities in Bolivia, Indonesia and Nigeria.

You’ll also learn more about what Canadians can do to support farmers in developing countries.

Listen to the first episode now!

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