Fundraising tips

You want to raise money to support communities in the Global South but don’t know where to start? There are many easy and fun ways to raise funds for Development and Peace – Caritas Canada!

Here are some ideas and fundraising tips from our committed members across Canada.


Here are some tips to help you with the process.

1. Be creative

Choose a fundraising activity that fits your interests, strengths, resources and availability, and that will be engaging to your target audience.

2. Determine your goal

Set the amount you would like to raise and plan a budget to limit your expenses. Make sure your goal is simple and achievable.

3. Form a team

Build a small team to help you. Recruit your friends, colleagues, and/or family members. You can also ask businesses in your area to support your event through donations in-kind or sponsorships.

4. Take action

Establish your action plan and obtain the necessary permits. You can often find information on local government websites. Identify and book your suppliers, as needed.

5. Communicate

Mandate someone to promote your activity on social media and/or in your local media. You can send a press release to your local newspaper or make an announcement in its community calendar. Take photos at the event and post them on social media by tagging us @DevPeace, or by contacting your Development and Peace animator. Your initiative can inspire others to organize something similar.

6. Say thanks

Last, but not least, contact the people who supported you to thank them and tell them the results of your activity. This strengthens connections and helps to keep donors on board while encouraging them to take part in future events!

7. Send donations to Development and Peace – Caritas Canada

Encourage your donors to give online. They will automatically be issued a tax receipt.

Send donations received during your activity to:

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada
555 René-Lévesque Blvd. West, 8th floor
Montreal (Quebec) H2Z 1B1

Cheques and money orders must be made out to Development and Peace – Caritas Canada.



This 25-hour fast is an interactive learning experience for young people with a passion for social justice.

Solidarity Calendar

Obtain the Development and Peace – Caritas Canada Solidarity Calendar and follow it with your family. Each week, gather your spare change in a jar to donate at the end of Lent.


An easy-to-organize fundraiser that’s accessible to the entire family. Sponsors who support you without participating in the activity can receive a tax receipt.

Change Jar

Deposit your coins in a jar at home. When making your donation, if the amount is greater than $10, you can receive a tax receipt. At work, ask your employer to place a change jar in a visible place. Make sure to indicate the cause on the jar. You could also ask to leave a change jar in a business or restaurant in your neighbourhood. Note that donations collected in a public receptacle are not eligible for a tax receipt.

Shrove Tuesday treats

Enjoy the last day before Lent by indulging your sweet tooth! Ask colleagues to make their favourite desserts and sell them at the office or at an event to launch the Share Lent campaign in your community.

Soup and bun dinners

In solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the Global South, serve a humble meal consisting of soup and a bun in exchange for a voluntary contribution. Take advantage of this moment to launch the Share Lent campaign. Invite a guest who can speak to the importance of international solidarity.

Movie Night

Book a room where you can present one of Development and Peace’s videos such as the documentary that celebrates Development and Peace’s 50 years of solidarity.

50/50 Raffle

Ask people to buy tickets (for example, 1 for $5, 3 for $10, a whole book for $25). The amount collected is divided as follows: 50% for the winning ticket, 50% for the cause. Consider incorporating this activity with another event you are organizing so as to collect additional funds. Don’t forget to obtain the necessary permits from the government of your province.

Auction Draw

Sell tickets to attendees and place a lucky draw jar in front of each item being put up for auction. People can deposit as many tickets as they want in the container or containers of their choice. At the end of the auction, a winning ticket is drawn for each lot. Don’t forget to obtain the necessary permits from the government of your province.

Garage Sale

Say goodbye to items gathering dust at home! Alone or in a group, organize a garage sale or a bazaar. You can also sell handicrafts or homemade delicacies. Make sure to clearly indicate the cause for which you are raising funds.

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