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Our work in Canada

In Canada, more than 12,800 members work together for social justice and peace. They mobilize to bring our education, advocacy and fundraising campaigns to life.

Our resources raise awareness of the root causes of poverty and engage Canadians in actions for change in their communities, parishes and schools.


Bring to life our education, advocacy and fundraising campaigns to change the unjust structures that create and perpetuate inequality in the Global South.

Take action for social, economic and environmental justice!


Development and Peace – Caritas Canada works with parishes and communities to educate, inspire and encourage people to take action for greater justice and peace in the world.

Young people

Young people represent not only our future, but also our present. That is why we work with schools and young adults to raise their awareness and mobilize them to act in solidarity so that our sisters and brothers in the South also have a better future.

Help build a more just and equitable world! Get involved in the youth movement!

Photo of two young girls | Photo de deux jeunes filles

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