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What is Thinkfast?

This 25-hour fast is an interactive learning experience for youth who are passionate about social justice.

Fasting is part of Catholic tradition. It is a spiritual practice and a way to stand in solidarity with the hungry, poor, and oppressed. Development and Peace – Caritas Canada encourages you to reach out to staff should you need support, guidance or inspiration when planning your event.

You can download the Organizer Toolkit and learn about activities that can provide hands-on experiences of the issues surrounding poverty and injustice.

This Lent, our online peer-to-peer fundraising platform will not be available so we encourage you to print and distribute the following donation forms and send donations by cheque. 



Organizer Toolkit

New to THINKfast or need a refresher?

Find out how to plan your event with our new and revamped Organizer Toolkit.

Activity database

Structure your THINKfast with our experiential learning activities, prayers and reflections.

THINKfast has been a popular event at Holy Cross C.S.S. since 1995. Over 50 students, staff and other volunteers join us annually for this unique overnight retreat experience. We fast, pray, reflect on social justice themes, and raise money for Development and Peace – Caritas Canada. Each student is expected to raise at least $50 by collecting pledges in the weeks leading up to the big event. We usually raise well over $2,500. In solidarity with the many other schools across Canada who do THINKfast, we continue to make a difference in the lives of our sisters and brothers in the global South, as well as here in Canada.

THANK YOU, Development and Peace. THINKfast forever!
Photo of Chris Forster | Photo de Chris Forster
Chris Forster
Chaplaincy Leader at Holy Cross C.S.S., Kingston, Ontario

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