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An inspiring solidarity visit

Raquel Soto, our first Share Lent solidarity visitor in five years, came from Colombia to share her message of hope and inspire us with her peasant woman’s quest for defending her territory poetically through filmmaking. Here’s a look at the Quebec leg of her visit.

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A day of fraternity, a time for change

On this International Day of Human Fraternity, let us heed Pope Francis’s call to “promote a culture of peace” and work to ensure that no one can treat another’s territory like “a mine to be stripped or a terrain to be plundered.”

A bulletin without borders

Our Colombian partner, the Asociación Campesina de Antioquia, has published its first update on activities conducted under the aegis of an international solidarity project funded by the Government of Quebec.

Listen to the people of Peru!

As his country descends into violence, turmoil and repression, one of our Peruvian partners offers an astute analysis of the situation and calls for the political elite to heed the people.

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Walking together

This Sunday, Pope Francis is arriving in Canada for a five-day pastoral visit to dialogue with Indigenous peoples, to accompany us “walking together” on the

Update on our Ukraine fundraising

Development and Peace — Caritas Canada has been raising emergency funds for Ukraine since the beginning of the war, which has displaced over 12 million

Mourning a tragedy in Mariupol

Development and Peace condemns a Russian tank attack in Mariupol, Ukraine, that claimed the lives of two Caritas staff members and five others.

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