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“The Rohingya must not be forgotten or de-prioritized”

With little formal schooling available in the refugee camps, young Rohingyas like 10-year-old soccer fan Irfan have little to do all day. Educational and economic opportunities are among the pressing needs identified in the international partners’ statement.

In November 2022, Caritas Bangladesh invited 11 Caritas Internationalis agencies, including Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada, to an international partners’ meeting in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The partners helped review Caritas Bangladesh’s emergency response program, which, with their support, has been providing a wide array of services to the Rohingya refugees since their arrival in from Burma (Myanmar) in 2017.

After visiting the refugee camps, evaluating results and discussing priorities, the gathering issued a joint statement commending the Government of Bangladesh and calling on the international community to sustain its support for the cause and to work for peace in Burma so that the Rohingya can return to their homelands safely.

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