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Significant environmental successes for our campaign

Our People and Planet First campaign has been paving the way for corporate accountability measures to be put in place through mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence (mHREDD) legislation. Over the last couple of months, we have reached many milestones in our quest to prevent Canadian companies from abusing human rights and the environment around the world!

Below, you will find some of our most notable campaign moments:

  1. On March 29, 2022, two private members’ bills (Bill C-262 & Bill C-263) were introduced and tabled in the House of Commons by the MPs Peter Julian and Heather McPherson.
  2. Our campaign petition has received 14,335 signatures, and members have held 23 meetings with local MPs to mobilize them into supporting the legislation.
  3. The petition was presented in the House of Commons by MPs Soraya Martinez Ferrada of Hochelaga, Que., and Mike Morrice of Kitchener Centre, Ont.
  4.  The Honorable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, met with some of our members. Given his portfolio, mandate and experience as an activist advocating for the fight against the climate crisis and the development of clean technologies, his support for our campaign is significant!
  5. Through the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, a submission was made to the Minister of Labour’s supply chain consultation. It highlights the importance of accountability and due diligence measures, in addition to outlining a blueprint for the Government of Canada to use in enacting such a law.

Encouraging as our campaign outcomes have been so far, there is still much work that remains to be done! For mHREDD legislation to be enacted, the following process is required:

  1. Tabling and first reading in the House of Commons (done on March 29, 2022)
  2. Second reading and vote in the House of Commons (expected in 8-12 months)
  3. Consideration in committee to review the text of the bill and to approve or modify it
  4. Third reading and vote in the House of Commons

Then, it would follow these same steps in the Senate.

Now, you are probably wondering what you can do. Keep advocating, sharing and signing the petition! We have only come this far because of our members’ commitment to putting people and the planet first and engaging their communities and MPs. We can therefore be certain that in no time, mHREDD laws will be in place to hold Canadian companies operating abroad accountable for their actions.

Here is an overview in pictures of our People and Planet First campaign:

Membre Roger Bélisle Montréal

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