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CCODP/Caritas Canada and the CCCB Joint Press Release


CCODP/Caritas Canada and the CCCB jointly acknowledge the conclusion of the last two important phases of an organizational review of CCODP/Caritas Canada that has been underway since mid-May of 2019.

As had been agreed by the CCCB and CCODP, the review is being conducted by the firm Deloitte with the objective of providing recommendations to ensure greater alignment between CCODP and the CCCB and to identify potential solutions.

Though the process is not ended, it is an important step that has been arrived at together. Bishops, as officers and members of the CCCB, as well as the General Secretary and several CCCB staff, together with staff, members and management of CCODP/Caritas Canada, provided abundant data and insights through surveys, existing material and interviews which was then analyzed by Deloitte in order for it to organize and manage joint conversations with representatives of both the CCCB and CCODP.

Target goals proposed by Deloitte have been discussed as well as diverse approaches and possible solutions in reaching these. Designated members of the oversight committee that is comprised of representatives from CCODP and the CCCB have been invited to provide considerable feedback, information and insights on the current situation and the desired stages ahead.

At this juncture in the review process, Deloitte is preparing its final report and recommendations and will present these to the highest instances of both organizations by the end of September. Information about the conclusion of the review will be communicated once discussions between the appropriate instances have taken place and a plan of action identified.

The CCCB and CCODP/Caritas Canada reiterate their joint collaboration in this fruitful endeavour, happily recognize the important work accomplished to date in this review, and are prudently hopeful for the future.

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