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Have you signed the intergenerational pledge for our common home?

Doug will eat more plant-based meals. Jacob chooses eco-friendly transport to reduce his/her CO2 emissions. Mary wants to be a smart consumer who buys and wastes less and opts for local, organic or fair trade produce. Audrey is committed to reconnecting with nature through gardening and outdoor pursuits. And what about you?

Take the pledge!

The current pandemic has shown us just how interconnected we all are on this planet and how adversity can ignite our capacity to act together. What if we acted with the same unity and determination against the climate crisis that is at our doorstep?

This International Mother Earth Day, let’s demonstrate our will to live more harmoniously with nature, taking from her only as much as we really need. Let us bequeath ourselves and our future generations a better future, so that everyone can live with dignity and happiness.

Let’s leave no one behind! Let’s act together to protect the world’s most vulnerable people who are and will be hardest hit by the impacts of climate change.

More than 1,000 people have embarked on an ecological conversion by signing our intergenerational pledge for our common home. Won’t you join them?

Take the pledge! Join the mosaic of committed citizens and bring your friends and family along!

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