Global pilgrimage for peace in Palestine

By Philippe Lafortune, animator for Central and Southern Quebec

Marche pour la paix à Moncton NB

From now until May 13, join the worldwide movement for peace between peoples and walk in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Gaza, Palestine.

After six months of suffering and slaughter, with more than 34,000 lives―nearly half of them children―cut short by bullets and bombs since October 7, 2023, two million of our sisters and brothers face a daily humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

Marching and praying in community are ways of expressing our solidarity with the Palestinian people and reminding our political representatives of our shared values of peace, justice and dignity. We would ask no less for ourselves and our families.

The movement is on the move

Many members of Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada, churches, congregations and faith communities across Canada and around the world have already “traced the map of Gaza” onto their cities with their steps and their prayers.

On March 16, people of all faiths and citizens from all walks of life gathered in Winnipeg to pray and walk a marathon relay of 42 kilometers, the length of the Gaza Strip. The next week, Saskatoon followed suit.

On Saturday, April 13, a solidarity march led yet more pilgrims for peace to a prayer break in front of a Moncton hospital, to remind us of the damaging or destruction of all of Gaza’s hospitals, which constitutes a war crime.

People of heart, conviction and action everywhere ―trade unions, local clergy, catechism and pastoral groups, etc.― are therefore invited to join this worldwide movement for peace in Palestine through a symbolic walk or a prayer vigil.

In the run-up to the week of collective action for peace in Gaza from May 15 to 22, you can gather in community, wear white as a symbol of peace, take and share photos of your event, and meet or write to your MP.

For further details, please contact your local animator. Every gesture and every voice counts,starting with yours.

The Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage is a movement of Christian groups from around the world, including KAIROS Canada and Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada, that is committed to prayer and solidarity for life and peace in Palestine.

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