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Explosions in Lebanon: Donations to Development and Peace – Caritas Canada to be matched

Development and Peace wishes to convey its solidarity with the Lebanese people and with all of our partners in Lebanon, after the tragic explosions that shook the capital of Beirut on August 4, 2020. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by this disaster and those who have lost loved ones. 

Our partners on the ground are already working to help those impacted by this disaster. For this country, already struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic collapse, each donation makes a difference. 

How you can help

Donations made to Development and Peace – Caritas Canada are eligible to be matched by the Canadian government. As a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Development and Peace will be participating in the matching fund launched by the Canadian Government and the Humanitarian Coalition to help the people of Lebanon. 

Urgent needs: Development and Peace partners quickly mobilizing  

Since the explosions, Lebanon has been plunged  into a state of catastrophe that calls for our solidarity. This is yet another trial for a people already struggling with an unprecedented social, economic and political crisis, and the explosion is further threatening the food and social security of the population. This tragedy comes at a time when hospitals, already short of resources, are trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The shock wave is immense, and the needs of local communities are growing

Affected communities need food, clean water, health care and shelter. The explosions destroyed a large proportion of the seed stored in the port, leading to fears of increased food insecurity in a context that was already greatly unstable due to the crisis.

“The disaster is unimaginable. We are facing a real human and humanitarian disaster. The whole Adyan team is doing well. We are now organising ourselves to help. » Fadi Daou, President and CEO of Adyan, a Development and Peace partner.

“It is a terrible and disastrous situation and today we live in a total confusion. The situation is critical. It is apocalyptic, but we don’t stop and we will carry on in order to help all those in difficulty. The wounded are received in our primary care centres which are overwhelmed, the hospitals are incredibly crowded. They lack everything, including food to support the affected population”. Rita Rhayem, Director of Caritas Lebanon, a Development and Peace partner.

Following the explosions, Caritas Lebanon staff immediately acted to assist survivors of the explosion. Young volunteers are mobilized and go in search of the wounded and Caritas is already distributing hot meals, food baskets, hygiene kits and will provide support to rebuild homes. 

In addition to immediate aid, our partners estimate that needs will persist for months as the country falls deeper into political crisis, hunger becomes increasingly widespread and the most vulnerable, such as Syrian and Palestinians refugees, risk being left behind.


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