Walk the Walk Badge

HOW TO EARN THE "Walk the Walk" BADGE?

Walk the walk badge


Join or plan a demonstration, rally, or march to raise awareness about an issue important to your school community.

Badge Instructions:

Catholic Social Teaching calls us to civic action and participation. Advocacy and mobilization are important parts of what we do in Development and Peace — Caritas Canada to create sustainable change in society. For this badge, invite your students to discuss what issues are important to them, and participate in the following:

Join a local walk or march

Take a look at what’s happening locally. Are there are any marches or walks happening this year related to an issue your students are passionate about? Are Development and Peace — Caritas Canada members in your area planning to participate in an event? If you need help, contact your local animator.

Plan one yourself

Organize a walk, vigil, or rally in your community. Have students make signs, plan a program, and designate a speaker who can inspire people who attend.

Invite your chaplain or a priest to open the event with prayer.

Let your local animator know, so they can invite Development and Peace — Caritas Canada members and others in the community who might attend. Add more visibility by taking your event to social media, coming up with a hashtag, graphics, and posts.

Have students write a letter to your principal or MP

Invite your principal or MP to join you for an event, either one you’re attending or one you’ve organized!

Share with them why this event is important and how it can be used to make change. You can find a template below from the faith-based advocacy group Citizens for Public Justice! Feel free to make any changes you wish.

Example template: Writing a Letter to Your MP | Citizens for Public Justice (cpj.ca)

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