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With the help of our partners and local artists in their countries, we have developed two graphic novels:

Burundi Comics image

Burundi: Kaneza and Kagabo under the shade of the coffee tree

In Burundi, small-scale farmers who grow coffee face a number of challenges, especially when it comes to the meager amount of income they earn from the sale of their coffee.

This graphic novel is devoted to those farmers who have united to improve their living conditions and those of their families. Through the adventures of Kaneza and Kagabo’s family, you will be introduced to the inspiring story of the rise of the movement to create farmers associations and cooperatives in Burundi. It is a path marked by resistance, struggle, solidarity and social change. This graphic novel, illustrated by Burundian cartoonist Ilunga Albert Kaye, will immerse you in the world of Burundian coffee growers and their efforts towards sustainable agriculture that benefits us all.

DRC: Roza and the courage to choose life Graphic Novel image

DRC: Roza and the courage to choose life (Roza)

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), violence has become a way of life.

Violence against women is particularly rampant and rape has become a weapon of war in the country. In many instances, armed men will overrun a village, attack the inhabitants, rape the women, destroy crops and leave in their wake a path of terror and destruction. For those who manage to escape, they must return to their villages in the aftermath and try to heal the wounds left behind and re-build their communities with a culture of peace.


Due to mature content, Roza is best suited for high school (i.e. discussion of sexual violence).

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