Development and Peace pays tribute to a partner and colleague killed in Mali

The staff and members of Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada are deeply grieved by the death of Koman Barry. Our dear friend and partner headed the Kayes regional office of the Association malienne pour la sécurité et la souveraineté alimentaires (Malian Association for Food Security and Sovereignty, AMASSA).

Mr. Barry lost his life to an armed attack on June 1, 2022, while he was returning from a mission in Yélimané, in southwestern Mali.

AMASSA is the Malian member of the Afrique Verte International network and one of the partner organizations involved in our recently announced SANC2S project, which focuses on food security in the Sahel. Since 1994, AMASSA has worked to strengthen the production and marketing capacities of small farming collectives and local food processing units.

Programs officer Ann Dominique Morin, who worked with Mr. Barry on the SANC2S project, said, “Mr. Barry was a pillar of partner Malian partner organization and of the Afrique Verte network. He with passion and dedication with the communities of Kayes for many years, and his commitment was a source of inspiration. We can only imagine the pain that his family and colleagues must be feeling since his death was announced.”

Development and Peace’s executive director Carl Hétu said, “We are totally shocked and extremely saddened by the death of Mr. Barry in such brutal circumstances. He was well known to us and respected throughout Mali as a man of conviction and compassion. This is a major loss for all who worked with him. On behalf of Development and Peace, I extend our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Barry’s family and colleagues.”

Development and Peace recognizes the commitment, hard work and courage of the staff of our local partner organizations, who take risks in carrying out their mission. Today, we pay tribute to a colleague who died at the hands of criminals while working to improve the lives and dignity of the most vulnerable people. In communion with us, we invite you to bear Mr. Barry and his colleagues in your thoughts and prayers.

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