Cyclone-hit Mozambique still needs your help

On March 15, 2019, Cyclone Idai, one of the worst tropical cyclones on record in Africa, hit the coast of Mozambique. Barely had the stunned citizenry processed the scale of the disaster when they were struck by Cyclone Kenneth on April 25.

The cumulative devastation wrought by these cyclones has been overwhelming.

  • 648 people were killed and over 1,600 people were injured
  • Over 45,300 houses and 477 classrooms were damaged
  • Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced
  • Millions, including 74,650 pregnant women were in urgent need of aid

In addition to these direct impacts, the people had to cope with the destruction of crops and multiple outbreaks of cholera.

Supported by its international members and donors, the Caritas network mobilised a rapid, comprehensive emergency response. Working with local partners, Caritas has:

  • Provided food assistance to 128,200 victims of Cyclone Kenneth
  • Stockpiled 516,000 doses of the Oral Cholera Vaccine
  • Helped provide emergency shelter to a peak volume of more than 100,000 displaced people
  • Distributed 80,900 seed kits to help farmers re-establish agricultural production
  • Supplied clean water to 1,356,821 people
  • Reached 158,880 people with hygiene awareness presentations and hygiene kits

Thanks to the magnanimity of donors, the resilience of the people of Mozambique, the resourcefulness of local partners and the commitment of the Government of Mozambique, the most urgent needs of the people are well on the way to being addressed. In the longer term, however, many challenges remain.

Future efforts will have to focus on reconstruction and resettlement. Economic recovery, too, will pose a substantial challenge. Additional efforts will have to be made to reach remote communities outside the main urban and semi-urban centres where relief efforts have been concentrated.

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada has committed to supporting this forthcoming second phase of the Caritas effort in Mozambique. The scale-up of relief efforts and the establishment of a broad-spectrum social and economic recovery program will entail significant expense. Your generosity has already saved thousands from destitution and disease. Now, we need your support to help the people of Mozambique regain lives of dignity and fulfilment.

Your gift can restore hope, dignity and productivity to the people of Mozambique.

Millions across Mozambique need your help to rebuild their homes and rekindle their livelihoods.

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