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A look back at Share Lent 2023

Now that Share Lent 2023 is over, let’s relive the highlights of Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada’s annual fundraising campaign.

An inspiring solidarity visit

Raquel Soto, our first Share Lent solidarity visitor in five years, came from Colombia to share her message of hope and inspire us with her peasant woman’s quest for defending her territory poetically through filmmaking. Here’s a look at the Quebec leg of her visit.

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada Logo

A strong and old bond

With renewed definition and focus, The Catholic Women’s League of Canada reaffirms its longstanding support for Development and Peace ― Caritas Canada.

Les gens et la planète avant tout | People and planet first

People and Planet First: campaign successes

For more than a year, our members have been working to get Canada to adopt due strong diligence legislation to govern Canadian companies operating abroad. This is a look at our successes.

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