3 great ways to participate in International Development Week

The 30th annual International Development Week will be held from February 2 to 8, with the theme #GoForTheGoals! This theme refers to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the international community, which must be achieved by 2030. The SDG program represents a global action plan to meet the major challenges that we are all facing: ending poverty, ending hunger, consuming responsibly and protecting the planet, among others. These are some of the objectives at the very heart of our mission and to which our movement aspires daily, by promoting the social teaching of the Church. 

International Development Week is an opportunity for Development and Peace to highlight the importance of Canadian solidarity in the world, to highlight our programs and partners and to celebrate the commitment of our thousands of members in Canada who are determined to fight for justice in the Global South. Every day of this week, we will highlight one of our many projects that are helping meet the SDGs and the exceptional efforts of our members working to build a world of justice. Follow us on social media @devpeace. 

How can Canadians participate in International Development Week? 

Canadians can participate in International Development Week in several ways. Here are three concrete actions you can take to get involved in social justice: 

1) Sign our Solidarity Letter 

Indigenous people of Brazil

Our annual campaign, For our Common Home, is calling upon Canadian women and men to show solidarity with the Indigenous and traditional communities that are defending the Amazon. In defending their land, they are being unjustly intimidated, persecuted and criminalized and having their rights denied. Sign our solidarity letter right now to show them your gratitude and solidarity and to help us put pressure on the governments of Canada and Brazil to protect the Amazon rainforest and the people who inhabit it.

2) Tell your MP that you believe in international development assistance

The mandate of Canada’s Minister of International Development is ambitious: to lead the country’s “efforts to reduce global poverty and inequality, provide humanitarian assistance, help the world’s poor adapt to climate change, and support displaced persons.” Development and Peace is proud to contribute to achieving some of these objectives and, with the support of the Government of Canada, to support local partners in the Global South who are working to build a more united and egalitarian world. 

Here is an example of a tweet you can use to tell your MP that you, too, believe in Canada’s international assistance. Make sure to tag us!

Canada’s international assistance programs are key to reducing global poverty. @karinagould @JustinTrudeau: #GoForTheGoals #SDG and increase the budget for official development assistance.

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3) Join our movement

Our members have been at the heart of our movement for over 50 years. Our work would not be possible without their involvement and commitment. All over the country, they are raising awareness, educating and mobilizing Canadians on global issues and inspiring them to take concrete action and demand more responsible government practices based on social justice.Our many youth groups are involved in their community, participate in Development and Peace campaigns and offer the opportunity to raise young people’s awareness about international issues.

Join them and get involved!


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