Major Mustard badge

How to earn the "Major Mustard" badge?

Major Mustard badge


Plant a mustard seed (literally)! Then, start collecting loonie and toonie “mustard seeds” that you will “harvest” to support Development and Peace – Caritas Candada partners in the Global South.

Badge Instructions:

Only 2 steps to complete the badge:

Plant a seed

To earn this badge, your school must plant at least one mustard seed and nurture its growth. You can have one plant for your school or encourage multiple classes to grow their own plants.

We want to see how high you can grow your plant!


These are the yellow mustard seeds you’d find in the spice aisle of most grocery stores.

Collect Loonies and Toonies

Once your seed is planted, find a creative way to tell your school about the parable of the mustard seed – where Jesus showed us how the Kingdom of God is like the smallest of seeds that becomes the largest of shrubs.

For example, you could use the Mustard Seed Planting prayer. Challenge your school to help your plant “grow” toonie and loonie “mustard seeds” to support our work in the Global South!

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