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How to earn the "Bottled Water Free" badge?

Bottled Water Free badge


Make your school a bottled water free zone.

Badge instructions:

Going bottled water free benefits not only our planet, but our brothers and sisters in the Global South, too!

Development and Peace — Caritas Canada’s 2010 Fall Action Campaign Water for All: Let Justice Flow educated Canadians on the many reasons to “take back the tap.”

We encourage you to use resources from this campaign when carrying out this initiative at your school.

Becoming “bottled water free” involves a two-fold approach:


You guessed it! Eliminate single-use bottled water as a school community. This means not providing or allowing bottled water to be given away or sold at your school, including all food/beverage vendors and vending machines.


Your school board may have existing contracts with bottled water companies, making it difficult to make immediate change. If you’re actively working to convince your school or school board to terminate those contracts, we’ll still consider your schol bottled-water free.


This is the perfect opportunity to educate your school community about ecological justice and the many benefits of "taking back the tap!"

Optional: Share “The Story of Bottled Water” video as part of your morning announcements or in religion classes.

Fun fact

Did you know that each plastic bottle takes over 400 years to decompose? So, by becoming bottled-water free, you’ll help us to save millions of bottles from ending up in our landfills today, and in our great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren’s soil in the future!

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